Barbara Stauffacher Solomon: Visions Not Previously Seen

A short documentary portrait of Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, the groundbreaking designer who fused Swiss modernism with an iconic and bold California pop aesthetic to create the design phenomena known as Supergraphics. At 89 years old, Bobbie continues to produce bold, eclectic work both large and small. Originally produced for Adobe Create Magazine. Directed, Filmed and Edited by Christian Bruno, Kurt Keppeler and Natalija Vekic.

Dungeons & Dragons: Rolling the Storytelling Dice

Dungeons & Dragons: Rolling the Storytelling Dice

This short documentary explores the fascinating world of the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons and peeks behind the curtain into the creative process of the game designers.

Electric Park Films produced this video for Adobe's Create online magazine. Produced by Electric Park Films; directed, filmed and edited by Natalija Vekic, Christian Bruno and Kurt Keppeler.

The Film Before the Film - Title Designer Danny Yount

This video was produced by Electric Park Films for Adobe's Creative Voices series. We worked closely with Adobe's Eric Espera, who directed the video. All cinematography and editing by Electric Park Films. All title sequences created by Danny Yount.

Goldfrapp Laurel

The final installment in Lisa Gunning's stunning quintet of films for Goldfrapp's award-winning album, TALES OF US. Christian was invited to lens this melancholic ballad of a haunted Los Angeles, desolate and dizzying on both the inside and out.

Putting the Public Into Public Art: the Dockweiler Beach Mural

How do you get the community involved in public art? In this short documentary, Natalija and Christian tracked the evolution of "Where We Are From," a community-created mural in Los Angeles, starting with a daring concept by Mobile Mural Lab, through to its luminescent completion. Commissioned by the Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

Lost & Found

Natalija wrote and directed this narrative short, which won a Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival. When Lolly, a smart and imaginative 12 year-old, attempts to solve the mystery of an unsent letter, she transforms a stranger's grief and begins to comprehend her own relationship to the lost objects she collects. 

All Animals

Kurt was the Director of Photography for this narrative short directed by Robert Arnold and Cynthia Mitchell: The simple and powerful story of a man, a young woman and a Chevy pick-up truck in a vast desert landscape. Perched on the tailgate two extremely sympathetic actors make mysterious, elliptical use of sign language to say something about movies.

Ozomatli - Live at the FIllmore

Kurt directed and edited a feature length concert DVD for the alt-latin band Ozomatli and their label Concord Records. The concert was shot at the legendary Fillmore Auditorium over two nights. This is an excerpt of the song "Believe."

Los Lobos — Live at the Fillmore

Kurt directed and edited a feature length concert DVD for the legendary latin rockers Los Lobos. The concert was shot with 6 camera operators at the legendary Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco.

Christian Bruno Cinematography Reel